Here is one I put up with Mark Penton a couple of years ago.

Here is Jason Ricci doing Come Back Baby. I come in at 2:30

This is a older comedy video that was influenced by a case of Mixed Abita Beer.  It features my long time friend and musical Mentor KR Mishey


Here is Bob Brubaker and Jason Ricci playing Bad Boy at The Wednesday Nigh Jam at the Deck Bar



Here is Todd Greene and Myself jamming with Deep Soul at Bobby Cure's Beach House.



Here is Yuko.  She is from Japan and just moved to New Orleans.  She is great, but make up your own mind.


Todd's answer is self explanatory.



Terry Bolinger sings and  plays with Jason Ricci:




Here is Todd Greene playing with Eudora and Deep Soul.


Here is the World Famous Willie Pay from WHRP TV



At the Deck Bar Jam