News and Testimonials

I am really liking the Golden Melody C you "hot rodded" for me.  Much easier to play overblows which is exactly what I was looking for.  It feels different in the mouth; a little thicker than the Special 2os or Marine Bands.  Not a problem to get used to.  The tonal characteristics are brighter than my Spec 20s but something new and different is a nice change.  In fact, it's probably important because my mind is "hearing" other songs, rifts and artists than before.
I know you mentioned you're buried but I just want you to know that whenever you can swing it I would like another one in Bb.  Let me know if you think re-building one of the used ones your "inherited" would be as good as me buying a new one and having it shipped to you again?
Great job!  I really cherish these refined instruments!