News and Testimonials

I'm fortunate to have the opportunity to play often with 3 different bands, multiple singers, a duo and a weekly project with the songwriting team Ashford & Simpson. I have neither the skill or time to care for my harps relative to my performance schedule.When I first heard about Harvey through the virtual "word of mouth" world of the internet "harp forum" I emailed him with my needs. I play hard with a lot of vibrato and reed paralyzing fatigue. Such playing is my organic means of connecting with an audiences emotions and I wasn't looking for edification on "playing too hard". We emailed and conversed and he listened to my needs and matched them with quality and modesty. I'm just a tiny drop in the (sometimes effusive) harp blowing world but my experience with Harvey has been one of dependability, ease, and skill. Thanks my man! Dennis Moriarty (NYC)