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I have spent the last twenty years, studying, experimenting, and perfecting the repair and optimization of Hohner Diatonic Harmonicas. In the process, I have customized hundreds of harps for players all over the country.  Here is a price list of the services that I can offer at ths time.

I am now selling Brand New Hohner fully custom Harvey Harps .  

I use Brand new current production Hohner classic harmonicas, which I furnish.  The reedwork I perform on all my custom Harmonicas is always to my latest high standards.  I will not produce a harp that is less than my best work.  You can expect the harmonica to be airtight,  consistent, fluid, loud and ready and willing to perform any techniques that you are capable of.  It will allow you to become a better player with minimal effort. I will tune the harp to your specifications or to my personally preferred tuning which is my stock tuning.  My labor charge just for the for reedwork and tuning  is $85.  Here is the prices, all with my current HarveyHarp reedwork.

Special 20 with Stock Comb  $125

Special 20 with Blue Moon Set-In Comb $175

Marine Band 1896 with a Sanded, Sealed and Fitted pearwood comb, opened covers, and stainless steel screws and nuts that also act as cover supports  $145.

Marine Band 1896 with a Blue Moon Black Corian or Fancy Acrylic comb, both that were specially made for  HarveyHarps, with stainless hardware as above. $155

Crossover with a Stock Bamboo Comb $155

Crossover with a Blue Moon Corian or Fancy Acrylic comb $180

If you to not wish to purchase a New fully customized Harvey Harp,  I can furnish you with a quality remake of your Own Harmonica for between $85 and $110, which should satisfy most everyone’s needs. Here is the price list of some of my services:

1. Optimize your new or good vintage used  Hohner Classic  Harmonica - Includes cleaning, tightening clearances and extensive reed slot modifications, adjusting reed profiles and offsets, and tuning to your specifications or my favorite default tunings, while my supplies last.  Labor charge for this is $85. Replacing any bad reeds, $5 each.  I am out of Gs and Bds, Ad, Dd, and F#  in Marine Bands, and getting low on other models

2. Sand wooden comb, seal, fit and attach reed plates with screws instead of nails which also act as cover supports, on Marine Bands. $20

3. Tune up a previously Optimized Harvey Harp. This includes cleaning, replacing one reed and resetting curvature and gaps, and retuning with Peterson Strobe Tuner. $20.  Extra reeds replaced $5 each. Note: further reed breakage is not warrantied.

4. Harmonica repair,: includes cleaning, replacing one reed and tuning it, and other minor tuning and adjustments $20.  Extra reeds replaced $5 each.  Note: further reed breakage is not warrantied. Add $10 for Marine Band 1896 to replace nails with stainless steel screws.

I have a one year warranty on all the harps I Customize. This includes a maximum of two reed replacements during this warranty period.

Certain Old harps are not worth your money, or my time to Optimize, and some might be worth more in stock condition.  Please contact me so we can discuss your harps vintage.

To order a HarveyHarp, email me at cscharp@bellsouth.net.  Tell me what I can help you with, and I will get back to you with a price, and estimated delivery date.