I have been working hard building harps between orders and repairs.  These Custom Harvey Harps are currently available for sale:

Special 20 HarveyHarps Keys of G,  C, and an F   $125 with Stock comb.  If you want a Blue Moon Comb, Add $50 for fancy Acrylic, in several colors Or Corian in several colors.  Or add a brass Blue Moon Comb for $65.


Marine Bands in keys of G, A, Bb, C and D. $145.  These are De- Nailed, sealed, and rounded stock pearwood combs.  for a Blue moon fancy acrylic, or corian comb Add $30.  My Black Corian combs are a little thicker than the stock comb. I also have some older sty le Blue Moon lazer cut black acrylic combs that I can fit on the Marine Band for an additional $10


email me at cscharp@bellsouth.net to purchase on of these fully customized HarveyHarps.  I do not do the final tuning and adjustment on any of my stock HarveyHarps until they are purchased, so that I can truly set the harp up for the way you want it to be, and the tuning you prefer.






email me at cscharp@bellsouth.net














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